About me

I am a graduate of Universidade de São Paulo (USP) Brazil, B.S. in Computer Science, class of  2007, campus of São Carlos – SP.

I am working really hard to build an internet company called Simbora. It’s a new way for people to figure out what’s going on. It answers questions like “What friends will be in town this weekend?”, or “Who from work is going to the conference?”, or “Anyone driving from college to my town?”. Check it out.

I’m also a core team member of jQuery. Yeap, that famous internet lib. I’m leading , the jQuery i18n library, I’m also envolved in the jQuery UI. Here’s an overview of my current contribs.

I am a former IBMer, where I’ve worked as a Software Engineer  and lead the brazilian team of Q&A and Performance at Linux Technology Center (LTC).

A bit more about my current work and my background can be found in the links below:

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