New means of search

Google is the searching engine leader today. In the meanwhile, Yahoo and Microsoft just made a deal to fight together for the about 20% left over market. Although it’s still a billionary market, a new searching era is comming (actually, it’s already here).

Jeff Jarvis commented it out on the Twit TV show presented by Leo Laporte — which can be watched here He said:

Today you have to distribuite your stuff all across the web, you can no more expect people to come to you. So, the notion of having a home page like in 1999, where the whole world comes to you through google, may be passed. Just look at Google Wave, Google Elements, and thinks like that, it’s about distributing yourself and having your audience distributing you everywhere and that pasts search to the new means of discovery. Twitter is one of them.

Pay attention on how the social web influences you on filtering information out and helping you to search for the right thing.

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